We hand pick small batches of mature piñas and slow roast them for

32 hours in clay ovens, followed by 36 hours of natural fermentation where the bagasse (woody agave fiber) is left in to elevate the flavor. We then triple distill and cold filter TEPOZ® before bottling to create an exceptionally smooth taste and elegant finish. 


 We created TEPOZ® because we love tequila and we wanted to do Tepoztecatl, the ancient Aztec god of alcohol, proud. What started out as fermented agave, known as pulque by the Aztecs, evolved into mezcal wine with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century. Ever since, European distillation techniques have been used to create what is now called tequila. We took this formula and refined tequila further to its purest state: TEPOZ®. 


TEPOZ® is crafted with only the finest 100% blue agave, grown within the Mexican state-sanctioned tequila zone in Nayarit. Cultivated like wine grapes and allowed to mature for ten years before harvesting, our Jimadores carefully tend the plants, routinely testing the soil and roots to ensure plant vitality and maximize brix content of the agave juice.

The greater the brix content, the more robust the flavor.


 Meticulously handcrafted from harvest to bottle, TEPOZ®’s superior taste was recognized at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition with a Double Gold medal awarded by 42 professional tasters.